It’s time – 67th Narcissus Queen Pageant

I have been photographing the contestants of this pageant since 1977.  My first cover portrait was in 1975 so technically, I’ve been involved for 40 years.  These are the contestants for this year.   Check back to see who won.

Hawaiian Wear Family Portrait

Sometimes, no matter the effort of trying to coordinate clothing, people will wear what they’re comfortable in.  My former assistant wanted a family portrait this year.  She tried to coordinate clothing.  “Tried” is the definitive word.  Local people from Hawaii dress like this all the time (including the rubber slippers – and please do not call them “flip-flops” as you will get dirty looks from the locals).

Family Portrait on Location

The Rosales family were in town on the anniversary of their Father’s/Husband’s passing and decided to do a family portrait.  Photographed on location on the North Shore.


Uehira Family Portrait

This family comes to me every other year to update their family portraits.  The kids are getting older and more cooperative so we try to do something a little different based on what the Grandmother wants to do.

Proper lighting makes a difference

I’ve been doing some testing over the last month in preparation for the upcoming season of Pageant Portraits.  Proper lighting and posing makes a difference in how the subject looks.  This applies to both Pageant Portraits and Regular Portraits.

You can view some difference in lighting techniques at this link.

Each of these portraits were taken with a different lighting setup.  Some are similar since I tweaked the accent lights but there is something different about all of the images.

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