Uehira Family Portrait

This family comes to me every other year to update their family portraits.  The kids are getting older and more cooperative so we try to do something a little different based on what the Grandmother wants to do.

Proper lighting makes a difference

I’ve been doing some testing over the last month in preparation for the upcoming season of Pageant Portraits.  Proper lighting and posing makes a difference in how the subject looks.  This applies to both Pageant Portraits and Regular Portraits.

You can view some difference in lighting techniques at this link.

Each of these portraits were taken with a different lighting setup.  Some are similar since I tweaked the accent lights but there is something different about all of the images.

We have a new Miss Hawaii

Miss Kaka`ako Jeanné Kapela was selected the 2015 Miss Hawaii by a panel of  judges.  Runner ups included Miss Kahala Alexandra Roth (4th Runner up), Miss East Oahu Halialani Parish (3rd Runner up), Miss North Shore Keala Patterson (2nd Runner up) & Miss Paradise Kauai Sarah Manuel (1st Runner up).

Custom Prom Portraits

The Mom of the girl wanted unique prom portraits for her daughter so “coerced” me into driving halfway across the island to take these photos for her.  It was challenging.  Blustery, sun going in and out of the clouds, challenging location and so forth.  Hope she’s happy with them and she now owes me.  he he he…

Two weeks and counting

Miss Hawaii 2015 is two weeks away and counting.  I wanted to honor our current 2014 Miss Hawaii Stephanie Steuri so I changed my headers to reflect the portraits I took of her as Miss Paradise Kauai 2014, the 2014 Miss Hawaii Pageant and the portraits I took of her as the 2014 Miss Hawaii.  Good luck to Stephanie as she pursues her goal of being a veterinarian and will be back to school once she crowns the new 2015 Miss Hawaii.

2014 Stephanie Steuri - ©2015 Paul Hayashi Photography - All Rights Reserved
2014 Stephanie Steuri – ©2015 Paul Hayashi Photography – All Rights Reserved

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