About Me

I’ve been in photography ever since my Mom gave me a camera when I was about 7 years old.  In high school, I was the yearbook and newspaper photographer in my Senior Year.  In College, I joined the school’s newspaper staff when I was a Senior but had been honing my craft photographing sorority activities during that time.  I was lucky that Atherton YMCA allowed me to set up a darkroom in one of their storage rooms so could do B/W printing.

After college, I worked in retail while doing photography on the side. In 1974, I officially started my business doing it part time.  About the same time, retail decided that I didn’t fit the bill so I joined an up and coming studio B&W Photography and became one of their staff photographers.  After staying with them for about 7 years I left for other opportunities.  After about three more years working for others, I was told I was overqualified and started my business full time.

I received my Master of Photography Degree in 1986 and a few years later, earned my Photographic Craftsman degree.  In the mid 90’s I went after the Master of Electronic Imaging Degree and was awarded with the degree in 2000.

Around 1999, digital capture became a reality and Garrett Nose & I were one of the early ones to embrace that technology.  After a couple of years learning the ropes and possibly writing the instruction manual, I went fully digital.

Now in 2014, as I’m getting older, I have retired from full wedding photography and am embracing primarily portrait work on location and in the studio.  I keep busy photographing families, grads, kids, beauty pageants, doing some stuff for wall art and spending some time in photographic education.

Please fell free to contact me if you need a job done or have some questions about photography that I can help you with.


with the 65th Narcissus Queen Brittany Lee, my degree ribbons and my trusty camera with my favorite lens.