Has it been 40+ years?

In 1975, the Chinese Chamber crowned Peggy Sen as the 26th Narcissus Queen.  Knowing Peggy through her sorority at the University of Hawaii, she asked me to photograph her cover photo.  This is my first cover photo for the Narcissus Queen Pageant.

Peggy Sen - 27th Narcissus Queen

Peggy Sen – 26th Narcissus Queen

My colleague was asked to photograph the 1976 cover.  The following year – 1977 – I received a phone call from the program book editor (Toy Len Chang).  She asked if I could photograph the cover that year.  Since I knew the 29th Queen – Debbie Chun – we had already made arrangements for me to photograph her cover. This is Debbie’s cover.

Debbie Chun - 29th Narcissus Queen

Debbie Chun – 28th Narcissus Queen

On a lark, I asked the editor if I could photograph the contestants.  She said okay.  Thus began a 40 year association with the Narcissus Queen Pageant and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.  This is the first group of contestants that I photographed that year – the 29th Narcissus Queen Contestants.

1978 Narcissus Queen Contestants

1978 Narcissus Queen Contestants

Now it’s 2017 40 years later and here are the 68th Narcissus Queen Contestants.  Oh, the stories I could tell you.

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