The History of My Photography

This page is dedicated to images I’ve taken over the years.  Some maybe back into the 60’s or earlier

Photography Class at UH

My Senior year at the University of Hawaii - Manoa. I had tried to get into the basic photography class (Art 107) but it was always full. Somehow I managed to sneak into the Art 207 class which was for art majors only. I was fortunate to have access to the Ka Leo darkroom (school newspaper) so I didn't have to share darkroom time with the other students and could work on my projects any time of the day. I also had access to a dry mount press so I could properly mount my images for class assignments. I guess the prof and I didn't have the same "vision" so I only got a "B" in the class.

Beauty Pageants in the late 60’s

I've been involved with beauty pageants since I was in college. These are some of the photos from the Ka Palapala pageant at the University of Hawaii. An ethnic beauty pageant that started back in the 50's. I also did photos for contestants that ran in the UH Homecoming Queen Pageant

My Business Card Collection

Over the years, I made an effort to have a photographic business card since that's what my business was. From the time when I had to make a clear overlay to the digital cards, here are a collection of my past and present business cards